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How Otherness Empowers a Queer Leadership – LOP099

How Otherness Empowers a Queer Leadership – LOP099

How can we work together as a collective of queer thinkers to embrace, demonstrate, and advocate a humanitarian leadership of belonging?

How can we – collectively as queer people – lead from the margins to metaphorically corral the disparate fractions of humanity, so that divisiveness between peoples may become less in proximity to create and foster a genuine diversity.

There doesn't yet exist a so-called “queer leadership" per se, or that I know of, but I am working on developing this new style of leadership that our world desperately needs. That starts here, with this “Living Document”, which I will continually add to, modify, and come back to as the foundations for what I hope to co-create with many other like-minded, queer thinkers. (If you would like to receive a copy of this document as soon as it’s available, subscribe to my newsletter so that I can send it to you.)

In today’s episode:

  • Why “Gay leadership” is not enough.
  • Building upon the 14 distinct gifts that are unique to many gay men as discussed in Ray Rigoglioso's book, “Gay Men And The New Way Forward.”
  • What do we need to create evolutionary change in the world?
  • What does “queer” mean and why is it vital that we embrace and reclaim the word.
  • Embracing and honouring all the letters that make up our fluid “LGBTQ+” acronym.
  • Making the pronouns, they/them the linguistic default.
  • Moving from a politics of division to a politics of belonging.

If you’re a creative person – a scholar, writer, or an artist – but you’re stuck trying to start or complete a project, maybe because you think that you don’t know enough, that you’re an imposter pretending to be an expert, then we should talk.

Let’s discover how to use your insights, talents, and uniqueness to make a difference in the world and to Live OUT your mission. Find out more at DarrenStehle.com/coaching.

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