Be Queer... Be Remarkable... Be the Change!

Be Queer... Be Remarkable... Be the Change!
I feel that Darren’s mission in life is to help LGBTQ people see their value and then empower them to do and be more, giving back to our community in the process. — George Baez

Does This Sound Like You?

You're a lifelong learner, driven by the desire to make a positive difference in the world.

  • You are a creator, academic, social change entrepreneur, or a change leader. Your core mission is leaving the world better than you found it.
  • Your intrinsic motivation stems from the meaningful difference you want to make.

When faced with setbacks, you doubt yourself, pull back, and become a perfectionist.

  • Your inclination to control every detail, including others' expectations, becomes overwhelming and hinders your progress.
  • If your ideas are criticized, you feel disrespected and go on the defensive. Over-sensitivity clouds your judgment.

Embracing Your Whole Self and Vision

Our coaching journey focuses on reinforcing behaviours and emotions that align with your core values and aspirations while providing strategies to overcome what hinder your personal and professional growth.

Together, we work to align your actions with your values and navigate challenges with resilience and clarity — leading to the meaningful difference you want to make.

Darren is an incredibly gracious, wise, and generous mentor and coach. Working with him has been fundamentally transformative. He offered insights I can apply practically to my life — not just theoretically. Our work uncovered where I have been deluding myself, exceedingly hard on myself, and resisting acceptance of what is. — Eric H., Los Angeles

My Coaching Approach

Unlocking Your Potential Through Behavioural Change and Neuroscience

Unlocking your potential requires an individualized approach that combines the precision of behavioural change science with the insights of neuroscience. 

As a certified Neuro Coach, I've honed a methodology that empowers individuals like you to transcend self-imposed limitations and achieve self-mastery and personal transformation.

Here's how coaching with me works:

#1. Deconstruct the Bigger Picture

We start by breaking down complex challenges into manageable components. This process allows you to gain clarity on what works and what no longer serves you, making it easier to stay on track with what's most important.

#2. Connect the Dots

Through thought-provoking questions and exploration, we connect the dots between your what you've accomplished and what you want to create to identify your unique strengths and skills.

#3. Skillful Behavioural Change

Once we've pinpointed your most significant challenge, we develop actionable strategies that align with your values and aspirations, cultivation commitment.

#4. Curiosity

The more curious we are, the more likely we are to find the best ideas and strategies to solve your challenges and make progress.

#5. Clarity and Empowerment

At the end of every session, you'll feel confident and certain about your next steps. These insights will motivate you to take efficient action and make measurable progress.

— Ro Rose, Somatic Gender Embodiment Coach

The Transformative Outcomes of Coaching

Our coaching partnership is designed to bring about profound and transformative outcomes in your personal and professional life.

Here's what you can expect:

#1. Happiness, Contentment, and Freedom

My coaching is designed to lead you towards a state of genuine happiness and contentment. By aligning your actions with your core values and purpose, you'll discover a greater sense of fulfillment and freedom.

#2. Thriving in Your Work or Creative Endeavour

One of the primary goals of coaching is to equip you with the tools, clarity, and direction needed to excel in your professional endeavours and to ultimately thrive.

#3. IDEA•ion: Insight, Direction, and Emotional Alignment

Together, we work to get clarity about your most significant Insight that leads to your ONE big Idea from which we develop a strategic Direction and action plan. We then cultivate Emotional Alignment with your new path to empower your goals and commitments.

Our work together is about empowering you to pursue your goals that are aligned with your purpose, with clarity and enthusiasm, aligned with your purpose and well-being.

— Listen to the full interview on the Think Queerly Podcast, A New Beginning: Birmingham Unicorns LGBTQ+ Cricket Club.

Request a Complimentary Discovery Session!

During this coaching session, you'll experience firsthand the transformative potential of coaching, and my unique coaching style. 

My intention is to empower you with insights and strategies that you can immediately apply to overcome your current challenge and move confidently toward your goal.

In the form below, write me a spontaneous, in-depth message about what your life is like, right now. Feel free to share whatever you want, with as much detail as you like to help me to get to know you in advance of our session. Please allow 2-3 days for me to respond.

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