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How Do We Effectively Respond To So Much Injustice? LOP007

How Do We Effectively Respond To So Much Injustice? LOP007

Responding to the Perpetrators who cause pain and injustice

On a daily basis – if you read headline news – there appears to be so much pain and anguish in the world. Often our intrinsic, immediate response to those who make us feel this way is to lash out or bash back.

Is outrage and / or physical violence an appropriate response, and if not, how can we better respond to injustice?

What individual and collective power do we have to make an unjust situation better?

What's been happening over a long time, and what we are witnessing much more of in 2018, is an escalation of corruption, greed, and a complete loss of empathy and morality. We can fight with our fists and we can shout with our words, but that that will only create a greater division and dichotomy between those who believe they are right, and the other side that believes it is right.

This escalation into darkness will not create a humanitarian existence for life on this planet. Somehow we need to take a different approach that reinforces and demonstrates empathy – beyond what the evil-doers of this world have ever witnessed.

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