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If You Believe You Can Change the World or Other People, You Are Acting Unskilfully

If You Believe You Can Change the World or Other People, You Are Acting Unskilfully

You need to evolve and be the change to inspire others to follow your lead.

For years, I thought I could change the world — or at least that I could change other people’s hearts and minds.

You can change your clothes, where you live, and even your significant other.

What you can’t change are other people’s hearts and minds. That is not your responsibility — that is one’s own personal responsibility.

But what if you really want to make a difference in the world?

  • What if you have the means, the strategies, the philosophy, and the desire?
  • How do you go about influencing or impacting the way people think and act?
  • If you solve someone else’s problems, will that not cause them to change their mind for the better?

Trying to change someone is almost always met with resistance.

This is the least skillful approach to making change.

In fact, it mostly causes frustration and at worst despair. In the mind of the person you are trying to change, you’re either challenging their beliefs, identity, or both. The usual response is defensiveness because they feel threatened.

You Can’t Change the World or Other People.

What you can change is yourself, and if you want permanent change, you need to evolve.

Similar to the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, there is no going back. Change on its own is potentially only a temporary situation. You can always revert to what was — which probably felt easier because it was familiar and normal within your life experience.

If you hope to change the world, you need to evolve and become the change you wish to see in the world and allow others to be inspired to follow your lead.

This path is the commitment to the practice of your development, evolution, and transformation. I call this personal responsibility: the commitment to knowing yourself, managing what you can control in your life, and how you show up in the world.

This is how you lead yourself so that other people will notice your transformation. To lead others, you need to walk the walk so they will be inspired to follow along with you — not with you out in front, but walking alongside them.

First, we become the change we want to see in the world, then we inspire others to work together to change the world.

Follow the path of self-mastery and become the change you wish to see in the world.

Know that this is a lonely journey until others see what you are doing and who you are being.

When they feel aligned with your purpose and vision, they will be motivated to learn from you and to connect with you as a community of change-makers.

If you’re a creative change-maker who is struggling to make an impact and create a thriving business that you love, let’s meet for a free a discovery coaching session. I’ll help you get the clarity you need to determine your next most productive steps and to get back on track.