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Do You Ever Feel Challenged to Live an Inspired Queer Life?

Do You Ever Feel Challenged to Live an Inspired Queer Life?

Re-cast of my interview on the podcast, "40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk."

Recently, I was a guest on the podcast, 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk — The podcast where being naked with ourselves get’s us off in life, not just in the moment.

For once, I’m the one being asked the questions! Enjoy this re-cast of the podcast, 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk, hosted by Rick Clemons.

“Ever feel challenged to live an inspired queer life? Feeling aimless and not sure what is next? Fellow Queer coach Darren Stehle challenges us to take a deeper step into self-mastery, ideation, and the journey of inspired action to live our most powerful lives as gay men over 40. You’ll learn useful techniques for bringing your ideal life to life.”Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons is a well-known culture disruptor (in a good way), “closet buster (coming out coach),” and bold move strategist — inspiring people to live life with no excuses, no fears, no apologies.

Tapping into his 25+ years of experience in personal development, and leveraging being a late bloomer, coming out of the closet at 36, he’s created a no B.S. approach for thriving as a gay man and father — personally and professionally.

Rick loves writing (Frankly My Dear I’m Gay), podcasting (Life (UN)Closeted and 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk), facilitating out-of-the-ordinary personal development experiences and speaking to audiences across the globe on living life without apologies. He loves wine, his two grown daughters, and his husband, in that order (but don’t tell the hubby where he fits in the pecking order). Visit his website at RickClemons.com.