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We Are All Masculine and Feminine to Different Degrees

We Are All Masculine and Feminine to Different Degrees

But why do we need to use those labels at all?

Each one of us manifests the so-called masculine and feminine character traits.

None of those qualities are inherently harmful or scary. None of those qualities take away one’s humanity, value, or worth. The qualities we call ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ could be easily replaced with a non-binary, non-divisive label.

There’s simply no need to rigidly enforce presenting as masculine or feminine.

Personality Characteristics Are an Artificial Construct.

What we call personality are ideas we have labelled with words.

These ideas are not fixed and they vary across cultures and time. The more you think about it — truthfully, compassionately, and with humility — the more silly an idea these labels become.

We no longer need a two column approach to gender and sexual identities, nor do we need a binary descriptions for personality.

A person can be gentle, independent, assertive, loyal, self-reliant, warm, and so on. How can we presume to associate any of those characteristics with gender? The way you choose to describe another person is none of your business.

How someone decides to label themselves is their liberty and sovereignty.

It must be a positive form of freedom.

There are those who are seeking to limit the dignity and humanity of others who only wish to be, express, and present as who they are. But dignity and respect are patently simple. If you want respect for who you are — if you want to be loved, cared for, and accepted for who you are without question, without restriction or limitation — you owe the same humane respect to everyone else.

It is not the qualities or characteristics of the so-called masculine and feminine themselves that should be controlled.

Rather, it’s the people who seek to limit and control identity who should be fiercely opposed. We are all masculine and feminine to different degrees, but we don’t need those labels anymore. As a binary, those labels have become toxic polarities.

Consider instead describing how you feel — as who you are

Embrace fresh, self-empowering descriptions that don’t limit you to rigid, binary, and artificial personality characteristics. Be and do you.

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