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We Wait for Nothing or We Create Something – LOP074

We Wait for Nothing or We Create Something – LOP074

There is no in-between. Life is ephemeral. Everything is temporary. We only have this moment now, so if you are not consciously doing something that serves you or makes you happy, how does waiting serve you?

When challenging things happen – and they will – ask yourself, “What's the opportunity here?”Rich Litvin

A Coaching Client Story.

One of my clients felt like it was wrong to have a goal around money. I asked, “What’s wrong with money for you?” He said, “I judge money for not being there.” He felt that he was showing up more in the world and trying to be fully engaged, but he still wasn’t making any more money.

He was anthropomorphizing money, giving it too much power over him. I asked how he could reframe his current perspective in an attempt to see money as a balancing out of energies. The more value you offer without expectation, the more people want to give you another form of value (in this case, money) in return.

We dug a bit deeper into his “money narrative” and he told me, “For anything that’s coming, I’m fighting it. I chose to not work even though it felt like I should have been working.”

This is when I suggested that everything is temporary and I asked him, “How does waiting serve you?”

We Wait Or We Create!

Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity or your next big break, ask yourself, “If I could no longer be an X, what would I do?” What are your skills, talents, and training/education that you could use that are related to what you most want to do? That's the opportunity at this moment. Instead of waiting, you create.

What Are You Waiting For?

Waiting is a recipe for disappointment based on expectations. Waiting is also something you cannot control, namely, you cannot control the outcome. Desire paired with action is a creative activity and the fullest outward expression of your uniqueness. Even when you take action, you still can't control the outcome, but you can control what you do which creates the potential for what you want.

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