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Were Religions Invented to Control the Ego’s Fear of the Other? LOP075

Were Religions Invented to Control the Ego’s Fear of the Other? LOP075

How is it possible for “a sincerely held religious belief” to be used as an acceptable form of discrimination?

The answer is simple. There are far too many powerful egos in power pandering to far too many fearful egos who scream the loudest and also throw the largest amount of cash and support behind any politician who helps them get their way.

Last week LGBTQ lives and rights were yet again put into question:

The Texas Senate on Tuesday gave its initial OK to a bill that civil rights advocates say would give state-licensed workers — including doctors, child care providers and counselors — a free pass to discriminate, especially against people in the LGBTQ community. Senate Bill 17, filed by state Senator Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, would bar state agencies that issue occupational licenses from penalizing workers who refuse to provide services based on “a sincerely held religious belief.”Source

In today’s episode I talk about,

  • The value of meditation versus religious practice;
  • How religion makes spiritual practice easy but not necessarily authentic;
  • How some religions alleviate the need for patience and tolerance;
  • Why god is personal, not a person, and;
  • Why believing in a higher power represented as a being creates ethical quandaries.

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“Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs” — A Specious Defence of Prejudice

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