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Are You A Top Or A Bottom? – LOP003

Are You A Top Or A Bottom? – LOP003

Let's talk about sex!

How does a sexual position make you feel and what does that say about you? Are you versatile, or do you only like it one way?

What was the impact of your first sexual experience on how you perceive pleasure and the development of your identity?

What does control mean to you with respect to sex?

I realize that much of my sexual identity stems from having been in the closet until I was 18. Needing to control my mannerisms so I could fit in and not be outed, had an impact on the level of control I need and enjoy in the bedroom.

Do you struggle with control issues and letting yourself be free to explore your sexual identity? Listen to today's episode for all the fun details!

Top Or Bottom? How it makes you feel vs how you perceive pleasure.

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