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Pride: Party, Protest, Or Both? – LOP004

Pride: Party, Protest, Or Both? – LOP004

If pride remains a protest, where does that leave us?

Pride will always be political so long as it continues to exist. Pride, as a celebration – because it is celebrated – is a priori political because of its origins. Even to those to whom Pride only seems a big party, the nature and existence of Pride is built upon the foundations of a political movement.

The politics of pride are that of visibility, acceptance, and equality.

Pride says to onlookers, “Take notice, we’re here, we’re queer, you need to see that we exist, and we will march, protest, or party in the streets to celebrate who we are, and that love is love.”

How well a Pride does to espouse its political leanings varies from place to place and time to time. But Pride exists because it is and must be political; it will always allow for the possibility of political expression, no matter how small.

Should we remain marginalized, throwing bricks and protesting in the streets, or should we embrace both the party and protest?

Should we embrace the commercialization of Pride, but look to better control and regulate who profits from our identities, and how we are represented in society at large?

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