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Queering Leadership: An Evolutionary, Humanitarian Approach – LOP101

Queering Leadership: An Evolutionary, Humanitarian Approach – LOP101

What is integrity and why is it the most important and vital quality in leadership?

We demonstrate individual integrity with honesty and strong moral principles to guide our choices and actions. What happens when you make a decision based on strong moral principles but you have to conceal part of the reason for your decision? Is that wrong? Is that dishonest? Or is that one of the many challenges that make leadership fluid and diverse?

Rarely are any of our choices perfect, but in leadership, misunderstandings happen only when there isn’t complete and honest disclosure. Sometimes withholding information is a necessary part of leadership, if the choice was well-intentioned and not morally unjustified.

In this episode, I share a story about a time I had to make a tough decision that I thought was right, but others perceived as wrong. I share my ideas on what I consider to be the foundational qualities of evolutionary, humanitarian leadership. Finally, I suggest that as LGBTQ people, because of our deep introspection and insights, we can think queerly and lead the status quo in thinking outside the narrow confines of how they think they're supposed to think.

This episode is part of, "The Way of Living OUT Leadership: A Queer Path Forward", and builds upon the ideas discussed in LOP099, "How can we work together as a collective of queer thinkers to embrace, demonstrate, and advocate a humanitarian leadership of belonging?"


Image credit: "Humanity" by zalgon