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How Can We Be Exceptional Leaders? LOP005

How Can We Be Exceptional Leaders? LOP005

Setting a standard of leadership starts with self-awareness

One of the many test of leadership is seen when the leader must make difficult decisions that affect other people.

True leadership is borne when others look to you for guidance. They might want to follow you, mimic you, or stand with you for what you believe is right and just. They will call you a leader, without you ever calling yourself one.

Effective leadership is measured by the actions the leader takes after the fact.

Sometimes being a leader means having to take complete ownership of a situation. I may talk with others to get advice on what to do, but ultimately the final "leadership" decision is my own. I have to own the decision and deal with whatever consequences follow. I have to believe in myself even when my choices are difficult to make – especially if my choices affect the livelihood or expression of others.

Leading others starts with how you lead yourself.

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