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How I Create Myself Every day to Be My Most Authentic Self

How I Create Myself Every day to Be My Most Authentic Self

My Daily Manifesto on the Think Queerly Podcast — Ep. 156.

My personal manifesto is a set of truthful statements.

They are not affirmations, they are not my purpose, nor are they future-based outcomes. They are statements of facts that I see demonstrated in my daily actions. The statements are not about trying to reach perfection or making goal-based proclamations. Instead, this is about speaking my truth into reality and in the present moment.

For example, when I say that I’m a calm person that is true, but also, sometimes I’m not. For my well-being and for how I create myself every day, I realize that if I’m not calm that only means that I am not paying attention. Perhaps I have fallen off track, become distracted, or I’m not doing something that is an active and necessary element of my manifesto — perhaps I haven’t been taking care of my health — that has resulted in me not feeling calm.

We are what we are conscious of.

Listen to today’s episode of the Think Queerly Podcast to hear me share my personal manifesto and how I use it to create freedom, prediction, and direction in my life.

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