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There Is a Profound Difference Between Human Rights and Religious Beliefs

There Is a Profound Difference Between Human Rights and Religious Beliefs

Listen to my expanded and deeper analysis of this existential threat to LGBTQ freedoms and lives:

This is a case of apples and oranges.

You can believe in yourself.

You can believe that you will get a promotion.

You can believe that you will accomplish your goal to write and have your book published.

You can also believe that there is a human-like being that you call, “God”, which cannot be proven to exist.

I am a man.

I am a gay man.

Those are characteristics of who I am as a human being.

That I am gay is not a belief.

It is.

I am gay, therefore I am.

You don’t have to like me because I’m 5'8", have dark brown hair, am 20 years older than you, or that I’m a man who is gay.

But where belief comes into the equation for me here is the BELIEF that we must all respect the INTEGRITY of every human being to exist.

Thus, my being gay, someone being trans, another person being queer of a variation in which they identify is an EXISTENTIAL issue and not an issue comparable to a belief system.

Freedom is a fluid act of balance.

There is no definitive in allocating packets of freedom.

Sometimes there will be tensions and I feel strongly that the tension to exist far outweighs the freedom to hold a religious belief that essentially threatens the safety and existence of LGBTQ+ people.

To argue that “religious freedom should outweigh LGBTQ rights” is a denial of the existential freedoms of LGBTQ people, which is also a slippery slope to denying freedoms to other “marginalized” peoples.

Today's episode makes reference to the article, "‘Religious Equality’ Is Transforming American Law."

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