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Fear of "The Other" is Defence of the Ego – LOP059

Fear of "The Other" is Defence of the Ego – LOP059

The basic human fear of anyone else who is unlike us, too dissimilar, or who holds a different view of the world is the original binary.

The original binary is the ego versus all else.

The binary begins early in life when we learn our name; our identity. Who we are – at the level of our name, our ego – separates us from everyone else.

“Ego is a mental structure built on name.”Laurence G. Boldt

We begin to see that we are also different from the natural world because we are capable of language and intellectual thought. At least in the Western world we are taught that we can manipulate and control nature to our advantage.

Our name indicates a kind of ownership that eventually turns into an understanding of property; that which we associate as belonging to us as named.

The ego asks, and more often demands, “What's in it for me?”

That thought alone is the beginning of personal property and defending what's mine; what belongs to me.

But what is the true nature of the universe?

Infinite abundance is the nature of the universe and something that ancient Eastern philosophies understood, but the Western world view (for the most part) rejects.

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