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Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? – LOP057

Do Actions Speak Louder Than Words? – LOP057

What we think is what we intend

When we speak our ideas and intentions, our words initiate action, whether that be our own, or the inspiration for others to act.

To answer the question above, what I see happening in the world today is that,

Words ARE speaking louder than actions.

The actions of hatred and violence have always been with us, rising and falling with history, state, and different types of leadership – anywhere from democracy to fascism and authoritarian rule.

Currently, perhaps because of the power of social media, what I’m witnessing is the power of words to inspire and provoke the meek, the followers — those who do not think for themselves — to take action on behalf of someone else’s words. These followers follow blindly, yet with intention and they will tell you they are only doing what someone like a Jordan Peterson, Donald Trump, or Mike Pence told them to do.

We cannot survive as a human race much longer with rigid ideologies and dogmatic religions that reinforce a subject versus object paradigm – an us versus them restrictive and prejudicial perspective of the world.

One way or another there will be a seismic shift. How we step together forward in unity or discord will determine the framing of that outcome.

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