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David Suzuki’s ‘Blown Up’ Pipelines Comment is Not an Act of Eco-Terrorism

David Suzuki’s ‘Blown Up’ Pipelines Comment is Not an Act of Eco-Terrorism

If you want to be happy, don’t read the news.

Obviously, it depends on the news you are consuming. I'm having a very difficult time trying to practice my six principles of human-heartedness: non-contention, humility, open-minded flexibility and yielding, compassion, impartiality, and oneness.

For my complete, off-the-cuff monologue, watch the video:

This morning, I quickly checked Twitter to see that David Suzuki was trending on comments he made. He said that pipelines might be blown up if things don't change in governments around climate change. It's mostly the very conservative National Post — with its funding from the far-right — that is dragging Suzuki across the coals. And of course, Jason Kenney and Erin O'Toole are getting all up in arms. However, these are the same people who are pretty much anti-vaxers.

Let me explain. The PC party of Canada wants to waste time in the House of Commons debating whether their privilege and rights are being infringed upon by having to prove their COVID-19 double vaccination status or valid medical exemption.

Hold on a minute. I can't go into a fucking restaurant without being double vaccinated. And who mandated that? The government did. And yet, those in government —the official opposition, the PC Party of Canada — don't want to lead. They want to act as if they are somehow better than everyone else with more privilege.

It's very difficult for me not to be contentious regarding their actions and words. What I want to say is, fuck all of you. But that doesn't help. It feels good to say it, but it doesn't help this situation at all.

The various Provincial Conservative parties in Canada are pro-business and pro-fossil fuels. I’m sure they are benefiting from the deep pockets of fossil fuel companies. Of course, they are going to stand up against anything a so-called left-wing radical like David Suzuki will say.

However, Jason Kenney comparing Suzuki's comments to thankfully former President Donald Trump’s encouragement of the January 6 riot at the United States Capitol is not an analogous comparison. It is a false narrative. It is false news. Furthermore, it is purposely provocative, and it's fucking bullshit. One event was an uprising meant to overthrow the Capitol and threaten the death of then Vice President, Mike Pence. People died at that riot, and democracy barely survived.

David Suzuki is suggesting something that a lot of climate activists are actively, if not worriedly, thinking about. Namely, what can we do when world leaders are not taking enough action? If it comes to violent demonstrations, this is what we will and must do. That's not terrorism, nor is it trying to take down a government. That is forcing governments and mega fossil fuel corporations to listen, when after years of talking and protests they still haven’t done the right thing — they still are NOT doing the right thing.

How are we supposed to live past the next 50 years if our governments are not doing enough that won’t result in a global loss of life? The forecast will be catastrophic if we don't stop using fossil fuels. Not now, but yesterday!

My civic rights are my human rights are my rights to live without corporations and paid-off governments ignoring the inhumane damage they're causing to the planet and all life living on it.