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Try These Transformational Strategies to Create More Happiness, Freedom, and Certainty in Your Life

Try These Transformational Strategies to Create More Happiness, Freedom, and Certainty in Your Life

A review of some of my best Personal Growth Processes that you might have missed — TQ207

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Over the course of a bit more than a year, I’ve published a number of personal growth exercises. I gave the process the name, Personal Evolution Process (PEP). Each process follows a structure to help you define the problem or challenge at hand. You then further refine the problem by turning your thoughts around or considering influencing factors. Lastly, you create emotional alignment with your chosen strategies that will support your motivation and commitment to resolving the problem.

For today’s episode of the Think Queerly Podcast, I want to share some of my most transformative processes.

Here is how each one can help you to experience more happiness, acceptance, personal freedom, and contentment in your life.

  1. 4 Questions to Help You Let Go of What’s Holding You Back — Most of us are over-committed. When you focus on too many things, you can't focus on any one thing. This process helps you to get clear about why you are doing what you're doing and see the value of letting things go to get into alignment with what's most impactful in your life and best for your well-being.
  2. What To Do When You Can’t Figure Out Why You’re Not Doing What You Want — Often an environmental change of some sort is the reason for non-compliance. We may still want and need the behaviour, but somehow it's been disrupted and we no longer have adequate prediction and response.
  3. How to Get Clarity About Your Most Pressing Problem or Challenge. The reason for most of our problems is that we are not in alignment with our values, beliefs, or purpose. We struggle because we're unaware of what's most important to us, even though we think we know — but we’ve never looked deep enough to provide reasons for what we believe and why.
  4. This is such an important process for developing more prediction and response in your life that helps to reduce and better manage stress. Learn more about the importance of creating your own emotional recipes in How to Stop Red-Lining Into the Negative and Destructive Emotions You Want to Avoid.
  5. Last week, I published my newest Personal Evolution Process. The complete process is available to members of Think EXTRA Queerly: When You're Stuck Between Two Difficult Choices, Which One Do You Make?
  6. One common mistake we make in human relationships is expecting others to act in a particular way. We want others to accept and care for us which satisfies our needs, but that isn’t something we can control. If we don’t get what we want, we may get emotional, angry, or frustrated. The solution is to create clear definitions of what the feelings of love and respect mean to you. This Personal Evolution Process is now available to subscribers: You Can’t Expect Others to Make You Feel the Way You Want to Feel.

If you’re struggling with a problem or a challenge in your life, and you can’t find a Personal Evolution Process to help, please let me know in the comments.

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