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Ask Better Questions To Get What You Need – LOP010

Ask Better Questions To Get What You Need – LOP010

This episode was inspired by a recent post on my publication, Th-Ink Queerly about one person’s coming out process, and specifically her fears. I found it interesting because her article became a long list of fears that could keep her forever trapped in a state of low self-worth and limited growth unless she finds a way to reframe her fears.

The questions we ask ourselves will determine our perspective and world view within the formation of our answers.

It’s vital we ask the kind of questions that support us in our personal growth. Asking questions based on what we are afraid of will keep us stuck in those fears, and suppresses the essence of who we are at the soul level . Living in fear blocks our possibility of fully living out the best of who we are.

We can reframe our thoughts by asking supportive questions instead of making fear-based statements. Instead of saying something like, “I’m afraid that if I do X then Y will happen, we can ask or state,

  • I am hopeful that…
  • I am grateful for…
  • I am content because of…

The more we make a long list of fears, the easier it is to slide into the trappings of the status quo, which is fear-based, and works to make you just like everyone else.

Admittedly it takes great courage to say, “Yes, I am afraid.” We all are. But one way we can overcome our fears is to see them in a different way – to reframe them – so we can use our emotions to serve us, not hinder us.

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