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Bullshitting Myself and Other Excuses – LOP011

Bullshitting Myself and Other Excuses – LOP011

Do you ever catch yourself in your own bullshit, making excuses for why you can’t do something, or why you don’t want to do something?

What are the things you’re lying to yourself about that are holding you back from something that would make you happy, some action that when completed, would improve the quality of your life?

Personal growth happens when you lean out of your comfort zone long enough to cause permanent expansion.

I am not an advocate of the expressions, “Feel the pain and do it anyway”, or “No more excuses, just do it”.

Just do what, exactly?

When you don’t know why you’re making an excuse, no amount of verbal pressure is going to help you. You need to get to the root of the problem of why you’re bullshitting yourself about not doing something that’s actually important to you.

Key points discussed in this episode to manage and overcome excuses:

  • The difference between making excuses versus making choices;
  • Understanding and assessing your current reality balanced against your current ability;
  • How to use alternatives or a different approach to resolve your excuses (which will help you avoid repeating them in the future);
  • Shifting your mindset and attitude towards how you want to feel, once you’ve completed whatever action you’ve been avoiding;
  • Pain versus discomfort, and;
  • How discomfort is a useful growth tool.

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