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Why the World Needs Queer Creativity Now More Than Ever

Why the World Needs Queer Creativity Now More Than Ever

One of the reasons that so many LGBT people are at the forefront of creativity is that we see things differently; we have seen the world through the lens of the oppressor. As soon as we begin to self-actualize and challenge societal norms through creative expression, we are interpreting and/or beautifying that which has restricted our ability to be freely authentic. We are creating a vision of the world in which we see ourselves wholly represented.

As queers, we live on the margins — outside the status quo.

We are told we do not belong and so we create to be happy, to foster new subcultures in which we feel comfortable, and where we belong. We beautify our spaces and ourselves in such a way that we can identify ourselves to each other in a fashion and style of belonging (yes to the double entendre).

The reason for this almost natural queer creativity is simple, if not obvious: we all seek belonging. We seek a community to which we can belong, participate in or claim to be a part of. We all seek validation for who we are. In these queerer spaces, we seek to belong and to be seen versus trying to fit in with the hegemonic status quo. These safe spaces offer freedom and foster the inspiration for creativity to flourish.

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Why the World Needs Queer Creativity Now More Than Ever.

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