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A Treatise On How We Treat Others – LOP014

A Treatise On How We Treat Others – LOP014

Why do we act mean or disrespectful towards others?

Why don't we realize that this is a lack of self-respect?

When we attack, harass, bully, defame, or call someone names, it is a reflection of our own self-image. Our actions are a reflection of our lack of control and emotional intelligence.

It's easy to go down the path of anger, attack, and self- protection.

The ancient parts of our brain serve to keep us safe and comfortable. They react instantly and seemingly without logical, conscious thought. They override the pre-frontal cortex, the so-called thinking or logical brain.

It's in the moments after the ancient brain has calmed down that we realize the error of our actions. However, we can learn how to take a pause to sit in that gap between unconscious ancient brain response and logical, conscious response.

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