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Th-Ink OUT-side the Box to Improve the Quality of Your Life – LOP038

Th-Ink OUT-side the Box to Improve the Quality of Your Life – LOP038

How do you break out of the box you’ve built up around your life that limits your potential?

You start with your thoughts.

It’s not about being mind-full, it’s about improving your mindset. If your mind is full, there’s no room for new thoughts. If you re-organize and improve your sets of thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs, you will improve your mind!

But you can’t just think about these things in your head. You need to write them down. I talk about this in the episode, How Journaling Helps You Create What You Want in Life – LOP023.


Write for posterity.

Write as a document of where you are now. Then start a new story. The story of how you want your life to be. Analyze your thoughts. Notice how you think. Notice how you react to certain situations. Observe without ego, attachment, or opinion.

Next, decide how you want to feel. The better and more alive the feeling, the more powerful your emotional response. This creates the potential of a pro-action— a proactive emotional response. By that I mean an action that serves your highest and greatest potential.

The oldest parts of our brain serve to protect and comfort us. These are useful, automatic tools. However, it’s helpful to understand how those unconscious actions and behaviours serve to protect, comfort, and keep us safe – and if they still serve our current needs.

Change and evolution starts with noticing.

When you recognize a behaviour that is not serving your current or desired needs and goals, you need to find out what’s blocking you. Only then can you take specific actions to counter that automatic behaviour.

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight, but discovering the trigger that forces a blocking behaviour, creating a way to interrupt the old pattern, and consciously practicing a new pattern, will eventually lead to a positive transformation.

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