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How LGBTQ+ Diversity Demonstrates that Dualities Are Artificial Constructs

Queer self-expression is like the duality of yin and yang — complementary and natural polarities of life.
How LGBTQ+ Diversity Demonstrates that Dualities Are Artificial Constructs
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Suppose we continue to argue against each other from completely opposite ends of the spectrum — one group firmly on the left and the other on the right. We will be forever stuck, unable to affect progressive, evolutionary change to social diversity, LGBTQ+ acceptance, and equal human rights.

To claim there is only one right way to exist is nothing but an intellectual construct without any relationship to the natural world.

No such construct of incorrect being exists in nature.

Nature simply is — and we, by the way, are of nature. Things come into being, naturally. They evolve and mutate into something else. Life is a never-ending process of becoming.

This observation of the natural world is found in Einstein’s special theory of relativity and his famous equation, E = mc2. In Einstein’s words, “…mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing.”

There is no loss of mass or energy in the universe, only transmutation.

The universe — nature — does not have a garbage bin where something once used is tossed away because it has no more value, and is thus depleted and worthless.

Life is a never-ending process of becoming.

This is how the natural world works from a yin and yang or Taoist philosophical perspective.

Yin and yang do not identify polarities, instead, they are in a mutually dependent relationship. You cannot have yin without yang, dark without light, up without down.

“Yin and yang in all of their manifestations are not opposites but complementary poles of the same eternal stuff of life.”1

It would be senseless to argue for the correctness of light and the incorrectness of dark. It makes no sense because we cannot understand one without relation to the other. Light and dark are nothing but descriptions that distinguish between the amount of light one can see.

We see this everywhere, in particular on social media, in the news, and in politics.

We witness extreme divisiveness, of the need to be right, to belong to the politically correct group — an absolute need to be on one side of the equation, and at the far end at that. We see how arguing from extreme polarities only creates further division.

But there is no equation to be on either side of, there is only a balance.

We must understand that balance is something fluid and constantly changing, never static, and never something that can exist on one side independently.

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