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When You Discover Your Purpose But Can’t Do Anything About It

When You Discover Your Purpose But Can’t Do Anything About It

Have you ever gone left (or right) instead of forward?

Have you looked back at the impressions of your past and wondered how you got off track, or why you didn’t succeed?

Have you felt you knew your life purpose, but for all your clarity, you had no idea how to live into that mission?

This happened to me.

A year ago, today, I discovered my mission in life. I felt the absolute truth of my purpose, not just from the words themselves, but from the manner in which my purpose revealed itself.

This has happened before in the exact same way. I’ve been focused on answering a question and I sense that an awareness is about to come though. It feels as if someone else is speaking through me. It is me, but perhaps it’s my higher consciousness that only communicates with the greatest, most fluid, and fleeting clarity.

For my morning journalling, I asked myself the same questions to prompt deep self-awareness. I reflect on what I learned the day before, what I’m grateful for, what abundance I’m experiencing, and to visualize what I want to be, do, or have. I close the session by asking, “What’s most important for me to accomplish today?”

Side note: Most times I do this practice walking outside. I discover the greatest clarity and insight while moving and in nature. I use speech to text on my iPhone to record my thoughts into my Day One app quickly and with little interruption of my stream of consciousness.

Passion led us here

Journal entry: Thursday, December 15, 2017

What am I grateful for today?

I have to say how grateful I am for the experience of coaching Steven (not his real name). I recognize how much I see myself when I coach deeply and help others strategically work towards improving their situation or solving their own problems. How can I use self-awareness and turn it into something larger to help more people?

In reading Steven’s manuscript, many of the things he is bringing together resonate deeply with me. Things like reconciliation, communication, truth, understanding how our perceptions form our reality, and how much free will we have in any given situation.


The rewards come to those who do the work and consistently practice their new learnings to serve others. I now know, with what I know about myself, and the freedom that I have to create, that I have unlimited potential that allows me to create an abundant and prosperous future. I am on the path and it is one step in front of the other.

What’s most important for me to accomplish today?

Peace of mind and tranquility – I don’t feel like I can push myself today. I need to be open to the awareness of whatever feels off inside of me at this moment.

I think I know what it is. When I said that, I felt something speak within me that went something like this:

You keep talking about these ideas, Darren. You write or dictate them into your journal.
Your intense self-awareness leads to discoveries, not just about yourself, but about the universal human condition.
You are a gift in this world.
Your willingness to go as deep as required to be completely transparent and vulnerable is the gift you can give to the world.
And when you are deepest in the expression of this message you will resonate with others.
You will have the possibility of, not so much of creating a movement, but of moving people.
Of moving people along the path of moral and ethical transformation.
Of moving people toward a better future, one that is not built upon cultural animosity, fear, or excessive corporate greed at the expense of human life, and the organic being that is our planet earth.
A better future that is not built upon surrendering your life, your health, your relationships, your well-being to the corporation, to capitalism and greed.
Your message will help people to go inward and recognize that their free will has been compromised by a select few people who have transgressed the essence of that which we call humanity.
You can be the leader that people are looking for without leading them directly.
But do not lead. Simply be and do the things that make you who you are, and allow you to live the fullest expression of you and your life.
These physical and linguistic movements may act as inspiration for others, not to mirror, but to reflect through their own lens of perception, to make their own, what is already theirs to have.
All is within all.
But we have lost sight of this through the excessive use and dependence upon technologies that displace our awareness of being.
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That still seems so much bigger than me, but I know it’s what I’m meant to do!

One year later, I launched my publication on Medium, Th-Ink Queerly. Writing is clearly part of my life purpose to be vulnerable, to share my insights through personal stories, and to speak out about what I think are injustices in the world.

I’m grateful for the reminder of what has inspired me to make the choices I’ve made over the last year. I realize even though it felt like I wasn’t living my deeper purpose, I was, in fact, searching for the “how”. Along the way, I must have simply trusted myself to follow the path, however unclear. Now it feels like everything is lining up and all the pieces are coming together.

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in life?

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