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Contemplative Reflections on Connection, Sex, and Liberation

Contemplative Reflections on Connection, Sex, and Liberation
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Part 2: The celebration of diversity to cultivate human connection and understanding.

Following my first post in this series, Acceptance & Belonging: Contemplations About the Challenges and Aspirations of LGBTQ+ People, I have decided to describe this next collection of short passages as "contemplative reflections."

These contemplations are thought-provoking statements that encourage the reader to reflect on deeper philosophical and spiritual ideas. Read as a group, they emphasize the importance of connection, unity, and acceptance, while also highlighting hindrances, like fear and ego, that can disrupt these humane behaviours.

Celebrating diversity to cultivate human connection and understanding.

I invite you to contemplate how being mindful of your thoughts and consciousness, in alignment with your actions and behaviours, can lead to greater human-heartedness (or harmony, if you prefer), both with yourself and the world.

Fear Hinders Connection

Fear opposes love.
See the truth in others,
Recognize our interconnectedness
For true connection.

Inclusive Language's Impact

Language shapes connections.
Use inclusive terms
To foster acceptance and unity,
Transcending ego-centrism.

Sexual Liberation for Humanity

Fundamentalism fears sex's liberating power.
Embrace sensuality,
Champion human connection
With beauty, nature, and authenticity.

Reclaiming Natural Sensuality

Anti-sex doctrines suppress sensuality.
Embrace nature's beauty,
Freeing humanity from control.
Rediscover the primal need for touch and intimacy.

Celebrate Diversity, Not Division

Difference isn't divisive.
Unity and connection thrive
When diverse perspectives
Converge without barriers.

Ego's Fragility

The Ego ties you to possessions and protection
Leading to isolation and separation.
Recognize ego's frailty
In identifying with external things.