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Are Your Life Decisions In Alignment with What's Most Important to You?

Are Your Life Decisions In Alignment with What's Most Important to You?

A Personal Evolution Process to get clarity about what’s most important in your life — and why.

One of my passions is to inspire LGBTQ+ people to connect with their creative genius and use their unique potential to make an equitable difference in the world.

That passion sparks a flame that burns bright within me, but what’s the opposite of that bright light? The darkness of course, but in the context of doing inspired work, the opposite is boredom, frustration, and procrastination — the death of joy, creativity, and productivity.

Are You Excited and Certain or Bored and Frustrated?

Boredom results in procrastination, which is doing something meaningless to avoid taking action and facing your fears about why you are bored in the first place. This ultimately leads to frustration, the state of feeling upset and annoyed at your inability to change or accomplish something. I have experienced this state of mind many times in my life, and it’s always a sign that I need to look inwards and get clear about why I’m feeling that way.

Core questions that are foundational to self-actualization:

  1. What do I want to do?
  2. What do I need to do — because otherwise I will not feel fulfilled. Another way of asking: Life is short, so what do you want to do with your time?
  3. What makes me feel energized, motivated, passionate, excited, joyful, and ALIVE?

Those a deceptively simple questions and they are a great way to get to the surface of knowing your passions and purpose. Alone, however, those questions are not enough.

To fully integrate with your purpose you need to dig deeper — you need to deep dive into the source of who you are.

You need to get clear about the other areas of your life that support a meaningful and fulfilling purpose. This includes things like your core emotional states, values, living environments, and your beliefs.

Discovering each aspect requires time, refinement, and contrast with other aspects to make sure everything fits together like a completed puzzle. We can’t touch on each of these aspects in this single Personal Evolution Process. For now, let’s start with the grounding questions that support where you stand when you are feeling like your best and most authentic self.