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Celebrating the 2-Year Podcasting Anniversary of Think Queerly

Celebrating the 2-Year Podcasting Anniversary of Think Queerly

Two years ago on June 20, 2018, I launched my first podcast. It was called, The Living OUT Podcast, a tongue-in-cheek reference to coming out and being proud to be authentically out. My focus in early episodes was the gay male experience, the uniqueness and creativity that gay men bring to the world, as well as my go-to core subject, personal development.

Concurrently, I was running my publication on Medium, Th-Ink Queerly, that had grown exponentially and was about to endure a period of difficulty, due to some personal interactions. What transpired continues to be a perfect learning experience and has shown me how awful infighting can be within any marginalized group or community.

Renaming the podcast to Think Queerly.

The podcast still fulfills its original mission to challenge the status quo. My use of the word queer broadens the scope since queer is not the sole domain of sexuality or gender, it is also a way of being and looking at the world.

Almost a year ago, I asked, "Is there such a thing as a queer leadership?" That led me to my current research on contemplating various translations of the Tao Te Ching and considering how to share that ancient wisdom through queer eyes.

Think of 'queer' as that which is flexible and yielding to influence, like water flowing over, through, and around. We can see this as the yin and yang of society — the status quo and the queer. We need both as they are a priori part of the relationship that allows each other to exist. In any relationship, we need to work towards the balance of the polarities — which the status quo and 'queer' represent — to function harmoniously in society.

Now, a new journey begins as I prepare to launch exclusive, new features on the Think Queerly Podcast, as well as launching a new, personal transformation podcast.