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Without Core Values, You Won’t Know What You Stand For or How to Live with Integrity

Values are an often ignored critical aspect of your self-definition and self-actualization — a kind of personal morality.
Without Core Values, You Won’t Know What You Stand For or How to Live with Integrity

Without values, it’s challenging to create a long-term life plan. If you don’t know what’s most important to you, you can’t make choices based on integrity. Values are the compass that keeps you on the path to accomplishing your most meaningful goals and dreams.

Values provide prediction and response.

We have no control or prediction about what happens in the world.

When you know what’s essential and meaningful, you can skillfully respond with choices and actions that are in alignment with who you want to be.

What you can control are your choices.

If you make decisions in accordance with your values, you’re creating a form of prediction that increases certainty and manages your stress response to difficult situations or environments. This acts as a reminder of who you want to be at the moment.

My Core Values

Acceptance is unconditional love for me and shows up as personal responsibility, humility, and compassion.

  • Acceptance cultivates open-mindedness, understanding, and yielding flexibility to challenges.
  • It fosters peace of mind, personal freedom, and happiness.

Peace of Mind is the most impactful emotional state for my well-being.

  • Contentment helps me feel grounded and calm, elevating emotions like joy, playfulness, and curiosity.
  • Peace of mind cultivates acceptance, open-mindedness, thoughtfulness, impartiality, and non-contention.

Freedom is living in alignment with my purpose and potential.

  • The more I am free of self-imposed limitations, the greater my peace of mind. Feeling safe and secure in who I am — free of unnecessary restrictions — is the cornerstone of happiness.
  • Freedom is how I show up in the world, respecting the freedom and dignity of others.

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