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When You Accept that Success is a Continuous Process, You Can Let Go of Failure as a Moment in Time

When You Accept that Success is a Continuous Process, You Can Let Go of Failure as a Moment in Time

Why success & failure are not opposites on The Shaun Proulx Show.

What Is Failure?

Failure is the decision to give up, made while under stress, threat, or fear; or because you don’t believe in your ability to accomplish your goal.

A task or action that doesn’t work out as planned could be called a ‘missed-take.’ Choosing not to act on something is not failure — that’s called clarity!

From my article, Your Understanding of the Meaning of Failure Could Be the Reason for Unrealized Goals and Dreams.

Success Is Not an End-Destination, It’s a Measure of Progress

  1. If you don’t accomplish a goal, does that make you unsuccessful and a failure? If your actions are too stressful, it’s human nature to fight, flee, or freeze. The solution is to do less to reduce or eliminate stress.
  2. Failure and success are not dualistic. This is why people get stressed out about failing.
  3. Success as a measurement is a process of acting towards an intended outcome, but failure is a moment.
  4. Failure is not a process. Failure is the “nonperformance of something due.” No value judgment is required.
  5. Success is a process that requires mistakes and well as missed-takes on the way to solving a problem or accomplishing a goal.
  6. Success and failure are not in opposition to each other. If you don’t succeed at a goal, that doesn’t make you a failure. If you recognize that truth, you will be more successful in life.

From part two, Success Is Not the Opposite of Failure — How this Dichotomy Reinforces Self-Doubt and Shame.

The 4-Step Process to Success

  1. You can’t put the goal before the action.
  2. You can’t put the action before the practice.
  3. You can’t put the practice before the process.
  4. Your process will fail if you are not in emotional alignment.

From, If You’re Missing This One Thing, You’ll Fail at Your Goals, Just Like Last Year.

Remember, what fails is the process, not the human!

What if your challenge is not about failure?

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Thanks to Shaun Proulx for allowing me to re-cast this discussion from the complete show, "Rethinking Success and Failure; UFO Secrets; Musical Guest Melanie Durrant.”

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