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How Can You Reduce the Anxiety of Overwhelm?

How Can You Reduce the Anxiety of Overwhelm?

Too much attention on too many things is not enough attention on anything.

Being overwhelmed is a result of trying to do too many things or doing too many things that are disconnected from each other and thus pull you in multiple directions.

If your focus is on trying to do too many things, your focus isn't on any single thing! That’s the recipe for anxiety and overwhelm!

However, you can redefine what "more" means by seeing it as the "quality of attention" that you place on appropriate actions that are in alignment with who you are. This shift in focus will increase your personal satisfaction, happiness, peace of mind, freedom, and joy.

Understanding and implementing the paradox of less is more.

An Invitation to Develop Self-Mastery — How Doing Less Gives You More.

Ask yourself,

"What can I let go of in my personal and business life that allows me to put MORE quality of focus and attention on the things that mean MORE to me?"