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What Can You Do When You Feel Like You've Lost Your Sense of Purpose?

Given all the struggles and challenges in the world today, it's normal to feel helpless or without direction.
What Can You Do When You Feel Like You've Lost Your Sense of Purpose?
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Recently, a coaching client told me they felt like they'd lost their way.

I asked them to describe what had been happening and what changed since they last felt a clear sense of purpose and meaning.

They’d been away on vacation for a few weeks and stopped doing their usual routine and habits that support their well-being.

When they came home and got back to work, it felt like the news of the world was crushing them.

Instead of their usual morning routine, they were doom-scrolling on their phone, reading the news about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the mounting anti-LGBTQ and anti-trans laws and regulations in the US.

The result of that doom scrolling was a focus on doom and gloom!

They started their day with all that was wrong in the world and couldn't get back to feeling what was 'right' for them.

3 simple practices that will help you get back on track.

After a few more questions, I suggested three easy practices for my client to work through.

#1. Remind yourself of your purpose.

Ask, What is your purpose?

  • Speak it aloud, if you have it written down, and consciously experience how the words make you feel in your body.
  • If you don’t feel empowered, you need to refine and update your purpose for clarity and meaning.

#2. What's ONE thing you can do first thing in your day that connects with your purpose?

Pick a task, habit, or routine that puts you on the path of pursuing and living your purpose.

  • The being of your purpose is demonstrated in the actions that make you feel aligned with what brings you experiences of happiness and freedom.
  • All you need to practice is ONE of those actions and you will feel in tune with yourself.

#3. What's one thing you can do to make a difference for someone else, no matter how small?

We can't solve the world’s problems alone.

So how can you feel like you're making a difference or having an impact?

  • You can donate money or volunteer your skills to an organization aligned with your purpose.
  • It's not about how much or making something new. It's about doing something meaningful.

Brainstorm a few options that satisfy your need to feel like you're making a difference.

Whatever action you choose, write about it in your journal.

  • Ask yourself how that action — that choice — made you feel and what you can do to experience more of that feeling every day.
Tell me in the comments, which one of the 3 practices most resonated with you and why?