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A Conscious Meditation on the Gap

A Conscious Meditation on the Gap

Entering the space between all things.

There is nothing but space between worry and fear.

There is nothing but space between love and hate.

There is nothing but space between acceptance and rejection.

There is nothing but space…

…between right and wrong,

…between you and me,

…between us and them,

…between male and female, or masculine and feminine,

…between concepts and what has yet to be expressed,

…between what’s possible and the impossible,

…between flourishing and withering away,

…between natural and artificial,

…between investigation and tradition,

…between understanding and war,

…between left-wing versus right-wing,

…between evolution and revolution,

…between what you think you know and what could change your way of thinking,

…between what you believe to be truth and what exists as infinite, universal possibility.

Between you and me exists only a gap. A gap that exists only in consciousness.

For anything to change…

For anything to be open for discussion, for hearts and minds to feel and think differently, we have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

We have to be comfortable with the possibility of change.

We have to accept for a moment what we do not accept from our past.

We have to see what we haven’t seen until now with eyes trained by all that went before.

We have to listen to the end without interruption, reaction, or anticipation of everything that brought us to this point of listening.

We have to spend time in the gap to practice the awareness of the lack of awareness.

There is only one way to see what’s possible.

As a planet, as a society of human beings, we have to spend more time in the gap.

We have to find ourselves in the space of the in-between.

The in-between is what we perceive as our reality — a duality that only exists outside of the gap.

Duality is not a universal construct. It is a fabrication of our minds.

We think it is because it seems to us that YOU are outside from ME; that YOU are other than me.

Yet we all come from the same source.

We are essentially all one. We have all come from this organic earth that has led to our existence.

We can only see that possibility within the space of consciousness we call the gap.

The gap is a multi-dimensional space without boundaries, which we might also call queer.

Queer is only another name for the gap — a contrast to layers of dualism.

Queer can be understood as the gap between everything we want to see as fixed in our perceived universe.

Duality is the trap.

Duality is what holds us back from freedom of expression in all of its creative possibility.

Queer is an infinite number of shades.

Queer is expansive and only labeled odd or different outside of the gap where dualistic thinking attempts to define and give name to, by limiting and comparing something as lesser.

Open up into the gap to see and feel with your heart, not with your head.

Step into the gap, that no-place of infinite space, of non-thinking, and no-time, and float in the existence of possibility by expansion.

As human beings we seek to compress, limit, restrict, control, and suppresses.

But in the gap we are truly boundless in all senses.

Let’s let go of the status quo, the limitations of those wanting to consolidate power and thought into a tightly walled box.

We see the truth: the gap has no walls, no top, bottom, sides, length, or depth — only limitless potential.

Entering the gap frees your mind of the shackles of societal constructs, which allows you to clearly see each other as an individual who has the freedom to create.

Spend more time the gap to choose from infinite possibilities to evolve through creation.

When we experience the space in the gap as the true nature of the universe, we will no longer see duality; no longer us versus them, or me versus you.

We will only see potential for every person to change and evolve in ways that serve all of us.

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash