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How to Communicate Better on Gay Dating Apps – LOP055

How to Communicate Better on Gay Dating Apps – LOP055

In the last episode I waxed nostalgic about, The Good Old Days of Meeting Men for Sex at Gay Bars – LOP054. Today’s episode picks up from where I left off, talking about the different challenges in communicating with someone on a dating app versus face-to-face in person.

More and more I hear people complain about how rude people can be on dating apps. There’s abruptness, racism, ageism, femme-phobia, negativity, and arrogance. Unfortunately, this an issue we see on a lot of social media, and rudeness is not exclusive to dating apps.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Even if technology is changing the way we behave before we have a chance to think, we can take a step back and ask ourselves how we would like to be treated. We don’t have to treat ourselves like a commodity, which gives others licence to treat us without respect.

How to improve etiquette using internet personals and apps.

Imagine having a polite, respectful, calm, playful, and free of expectations conversation with someone you find attractive and interesting on your favourite dating app.

Seem implausible? It’s not, but it does require a conscious effort. It starts with how you handle yourself in a meaningful and helpful exchange of communication based on my,

10 Principles to Communicate Better on Gay Dating Apps

Did I miss a principle? Let me know in the comments, below

Today’s episode was inspired by a post I wrote last year on Th-Ink Queerly: 10 Ways To Communicate Better on Gay Dating Apps

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