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What Matters More to You — Your Accomplishments or the Reasons Behind Your Goals?

What Matters More to You — Your Accomplishments or the Reasons Behind Your Goals?
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Why the “Why” is the true driver of your success for all things in life.

In a recent article, I emphasized that my future successes require the conscious cultivation of well-being and joy—without exception.

While editing that article, I was taken aback when I re-read the above sentence. Without consciously thinking about what was most critical to me, thanks to a stream of consciousness, I documented two of my three core values — freedom is the third — instead of my goals.

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The title of a recent CBC article, "Make your new year's resolutions about values rather than outcomes, experts say" reminded me of this essential awareness.

Here’s a hard truth for many to accept:

Your values — what’s most essential to you — are far, far more indispensable than what you want to achieve.

So, why is that?

Once you accomplish a goal without a meaningful reason, then what?

If you don’t know what was significant to you about achieving the goal, one of two things will happen. Either you will need to start on a new goal, or you’ll feel despondent and empty. The former is often the path of the Type-A high achiever who never stops to celebrate their wins. The latter is an opportunity to self-reflect on why you feel empty.

A goal without a why — without the power of what you deeply value — will feel meaningless and hollow when it comes to fruition.

Let's consider a common example.

Let's say your goal is to earn 25% more income in 2024.

Besides the various ways you could achieve this, the plans you'd need to create, and the required, consistent action, what compels you? What will motivate you to pursue this goal until you reach the target?

The more indispensable the reason and the value for accomplishing your goal, the easier it will be to keep at it, even when the target isn’t in sight.

Ask yourself,

  1. “Why am I pursuing this goal?”
  2. To refine your answer, ask, “What’s the most significant meaning or value that the goal brings to my life and well-being, right now?”
  3. To get more clarity about the meaning of the goal, ask, “How would I feel without enjoying this value every day?
  4. And for your self-mastery, ask, “What will it make of me to make more life decisions based on fulfilling this value?”

Here’s what you’ll discover by answering these questions.

There’s nothing wrong with goals. But goals without meaning will make you unhappy and unsatisfied.

The more valuable the goal to your well-being, the greater the likelihood that you’ll have a positive and empowering impact on the lives of people you care about.

Now, that’s a damn good goal to strive for!

Need help refining your goals for 2024 to align with what motivates you and cultivates well-being, happiness, and joy?

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